Q: Is there a scale available to check weights of my animals?

A: Yes! There is a 24/7 scale available at the Fairgrounds in the green horse stalls, #102, Code 1869. Additionally, the 4H and FFA usually have several weight check days.


Q: How do I view my exhibitor's boost information? 

A; Log in to your account, then click on the "My Animals" button. You will then be able to view Boost and Auction Totals. Click on the Blue "Boost Total" button and you will see who boosted your exhibitor and their addresses. 


Q: If I registered as a buyer last year, do I need to register agian this year?

A: Yes. You must verify your current buyer information and register as a buyer annually. You should use the same account login as in previous years to simplify the process. 


Q: How do I register as an BEJL Auction Buyer?

A: Log in to your account or create a new account, Click the "BEJL 2022 - Buyer Registration" button. Follow the simple instructions to verify your account info, validate your cell phone number, and request your Buyer Number.


Q: How do I reassign an alternate animal to another exhibitor?  

A: Reassigning an animal may only be done within immediate family.  Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on transfering tag numbers. 


Q:  How do I boost an exibitor? 

A:  Only Exhibitors that meet the following criteria may be boosted:

  • Meet all of the requirements of the market Livestock Show 
  • Choose to sell their animal at Saturday's Livestock Auction.
  • Received at least a red ribbon in their Market Class 
    • Note: Exhibitors receiving a white ribbon cannot receive boosts or sell their animal in the auction.

Boosts can be made here beginning Thursday, Aug. 24 at (TBA). Look for the "Boost" button next to the exhibotor's entry in the Sale List. The deadline for ALL boost submissions is September 15th at 11:59PM. 


Q: Do I need to register to boost animals in the auction?

A: You do need an account on BEJLAuction.com account to Boost, but you do not need a Buyer Number unless you plan to make bids in the livestock auction on Saturday.


Q: How do I watch past Livestock Clinics?

A: You can view past Livestock Clinics by clicking here.