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BEJL BUYER TERMS & Conditions: I, ("Buyer"), hereby agree to pay the full purchase price as established pursuant to UCA §70A-2-328, within thirty (30) days of the date of this auction to Box Elder County Junior Livestock a Nonprofit Corporation ("Seller"). The full purchase price Buyer is responsible to pay may be reduced by the market rate of the animal if buyer gives proper written notice to the Seller, on a form approved by Seller, of Buyer’s desire to have the animal sold on the open market for the posted weight and price as decided in the discretion of the Seller. Buyer hereby grants Seller a lien on said animal or the full purchase price plus costs of collection and suit until said animal is paid in full. Buyer understands that all risk of loss shall be borne entirely by Buyer when the sale is completed as defined pursuant to UCA 70A-2-328. In the event Buyer defaults in its obligations, Buyer will be liable for Seller’s costs of collection, including without limitation attorney’s fees, interest imposed at the maximum legal rate from the date of default, and court costs. Buyer hereby forever releases and discharges Seller for any defective animal, buyer acknowledges that it was given full opportunity to inspect and view said animal before the auction. Buyer further releases Seller from any and all liability for the actions of said animal. Buyer understands that these animals have a tendency to be dangerous. Buyer further agrees to indemnify and hold Seller harmless for any injuries or damages arising from said purchased animal.