Junior Market Steers


Richard Holmgren Director 435-279-7512 

Sue Holmgren Bear River City 435-279-8766 

Riggin Holmgren Bear River City 435-452-1741 

Karleen Ramsdell Riverside 435-452-1166 

Todd Ramsdell Riverside 435-452-8702

Shaunie Mackey Bothwell 307-200-1854





  1. Exhibitors must be 4-H or FFA members of Box Elder County and must abide by the general rules. 


  1. All market steers must have been owned and fed in the county by the exhibitor at least 140 days previous to the show (unless circumstances do not permit with director's approval). Individual ownership shall be indicated at tagging time. 4-H or FFA members may tag up to an unlimited amount of steers for the Box Elder County Fair, as long as the Exhibitor has registered with Box Elder Junior Livestock, 4-H or FFA, and has purchased the tags.


  1. Because of the ethical and legal standards demanded by the packers and consumers, any shots given 45 days prior to the show need to be approved by the beef director. 


  1. A state brand inspector will be on site when steers are checked in at the fair. Brand Inspection will need to be handed to Brand Inspector before crossing the scales. (A BILL OF SALE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AS PROOF OF OWNERSHIP.) 


  1. A rope halter will be provided and needs to be left on steer at the close of the fair. 


  1. Cattle weights: Market steers are to weigh a minimum of 1,225 pounds at the fair weigh-in. 


  1. Steers that appear to grade lower than select will be sifted at the time of weighing and judging. 


  1. Any steer with stub horns longer than 2 inches will be sifted.


  1. Steers must be securely tied by a neck rope as well as a rope halter while at the fairgrounds.


  1. Steers will be assigned a stall on a first come first serve basis by calling Karleen Ramsdell, 435-452-1166.  Please be courteous and do not remove/move fitting stands which are already in place. Shade canopies are not provided by the fair.


11. STEER CARCASS CONTEST: Exhibitors are invited to enter their Market Steer in the voluntary ultrasound carcass contest. Carcass data will be calculated on all steers. Winners will be notified prior to the carcass contest meeting.  Cash prizes will be awarded to the carcass contest winners.

12. Dress Code: The dress code for exhibitors during the show and auction will be: 4H- a long or short sleeve shirt which fastens down the front with a collar is MANDATORY. Shirts must be White in color and need not be western style. No lettering allowed. There is to be a 4H emblem or patch on all 4H member's shirts. Full Length black or blue pants are to be worn by 4H and FFA members. Vests will be allowed. The following will not be allowed: Shorts, T-shirts, tube tops or sleveless shirts. FFA- Either a white shirt, tie and FFA jacket or a white shirt with the FFA emblem and tie (T-shirts are not allowed). Exhibitors who fail to abide by 4H and FFA dress standards will forfeit prize money and the opportuntiy to show or sell their animal. 


13. Fitting and Showmanship Contest  

  • Open to all FFA and 4H Steer exhibitors at the county fair.
  • Exhibitors will show in three age divisions: 3rd-5th grade, 6th-8th grade, 9th-12th grade as of January 1 of current year.
  •  Awards: 1st - Trophy & $15, 2nd - $14, 3rd - $13, 4th - $12, 5th - $11, 6th - $10.
  1. Beef Display Contest:
  •  A trophy will be presented to the best display.
  •  The displays can be done by an individual, family, club or chapter.
  •  The display will be judged on cleanliness of the pens, organization of materials and overall effect of the display.
  •  The displays must be finished by noon on Thursday.

*Participants planning to use stock blowers are strongly encouraged to bring their own generator.






Weigh-In….. 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.



 Market Steer Show …...…….. 1:00 p.m.



Fitting and Showing …….....… 1:00 p.m.



Junior Livestock Sale ………………. 9:00 a.m. 



Blue ………………………….. $8 

Red …………………………... $6

White………………………....  $4