Junior and Open Sheep 2024



Monday, August 19

 Sheep Breeding Show…….4:00 p.m.

Weigh-in…………………8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Tuesday, August 20
Weigh-in………………….....…….10:00 a.m. - noon

(This is the only time carcass lambs are accepted)

Wednesday, August 21
Market Lamb Show ……………….. 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Friday, August 23
Sheep Showmanship Contest……..8:00 a.m.

Pee-Wee Lead Class…………….5:00 p.m.
(Register at 4:15 p.m near the Show Arena)
Saturday, August 24
Junior Livestock Sale……….……9:00 a.m.



            Blue, Red, White, Peewee:  $6,$4,$2,$3

JUNIORS: Blue, Red: $6, $4


Blue, Red, White, Yellow: $10, $8, $6, $4


 Marlon Bingham, Director


Gail Godfrey - Assistant, 435-458-3580

Brian Lish - Assistant, 435-279-4095

Brad Stevenson - Assistant, 435-230-3437

Shaun Owen - Assistant, 435-257-2823

Marcie Owen - Assistant, 435-257-2823

Greg Madsen - Carcass Contest Assistant, 435-279-6483



CLASS I - Hampshire   

CLASS II - Rambouillet

CLASS III - Suffolk

CLASS IV - Columbia  

CLASS V - Other


1. Breeding sheep can only be shown in one division. 

2. There will be separate classes for all wether sheep.

3. Market lambs entered into the market show are not eligible to show as breeding stock.*


Open Division

 1.           Ram Lamb under 1 year

 2.           Pen of 2 Ram Lambs

 3.           Yearling Ram under 2 years

 4.           Pen of 2 Yearling Rams

 5.           Champion and Reserve Champion Rams

 6.           Ewe Lamb under 1 year

 7.           Pen of 2 Ewe Lambs

 8.           Yearling Ewe under 2 years

 9.           Pen of 2 Yearling Ewes

10.           Champion and Reserve Champion Ewes

11.           Breeders Flock: 1 Ram; 2 Ewes any age

Open Class Fitting and Showmanship Contest

                a.   Open to any open class sheep exhibitor.

                b.   Exhibitors must own their own animal.

                c.   Awards: Trophy to top showman.


Junior Division - 4-H/FFA Only

 1.    Ram Lamb under 1 year

 2.    Pen of 2 Ram Lambs

 3.    Yearling Ram under 2 years

 4.     Pen of 2 Yearling Rams

 5.    Aged Ram 2 years and older

 6.    Champion and Reserve Champion Rams

 7.    Ewe Lamb under 1 year

 8.     Pen of 2 Ewe Lambs

 9.     Yearling Ewe under 2 years

10.    Pen of 2 yearling Ewes

11.    Aged Ewe 2 years and older

12.    Champion and Reserve Champion Ewes

13.    Breeders Flock: 1 Ram; 2 Ewes any age

14.    Barn Champion animal, Junior and Open division




1. Exhibitors must be 4-H or FFA members of Box Elder County and must abide by the general rules.

2. The Market Lamb show will be open to ewes and wethers. For those who want to bring home a ewe lamb from the auction, the proper and legal procedure is to buy the lamb at the full cost during the auction. If a youth or adult approaches a buyer during the auction asking if they can purchase the lamb from the buyer at the spread price (market value) the result will be the elimination of ewe lambs from the junior livestock show. This ruling will be reevaluated on a year to year basis. 

3. Market lambs must be docked. It is suggested that the dock be liftable with some evidence of the caudal fold present. Lambs will be inspected at the weigh-in/tagging in June. Those lambs with extreme docks will not be accepted. Exhibitors coming to the first weigh-in in June who are told the dock is not long enough can bring a suitable lamb to the second weigh-in. Members of the sheep committee will make final dock length determination at the weigh-in at the county fair.

4. The Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Lamb do not have to go to slaughter.

5. All market lambs will be required to be penned in the sheep barn. Only as a last result will the horse stalls be used. These stall assignments will be made by the sheep committee on a rotation basis.

6. Drenching is allowed only under supervision of a veterinarian and in the presence of a member of the sheep committee.  Anyone seen drenching will be immediately disqualified.

7. The use of any device that restricts a lamb from eating, such as a muzzle, is prohibited while at the fairgrounds.

8. Absolutely no vaccination of any kind should be given to lambs at least 30 days prior to the fair.

9. All decisions and unforeseen circumstances will be determined on an as need basis by the Director of the market lamb show and/or his committee members.

10.  The Market Lamb Show will be divided up into four divisions by weight classes (division class breaks will be determined by the Sheep Director and Committee Members). A Division Championship drive will immediately follow the final class for each Division. (Example after Class 5, 10, 15 and 20). The number of lambs that are called back from each class to compete for Division Champion and Reserve Division Champion Market lamb will be determined by the Judge. The selected Champion and Reserve Champion Market Lambs from each division will be asked to come back and compete for the overall Supreme Grand Champion and Supreme Reserve Champion Market lambs.



1. All market lambs must be owned, tagged and fed in the county by the exhibitor at least 60 days prior to the show. 4-H or FFA members may tag unlimited lambs for the Box Elder County Fair. Exhibitors must be registered with Box Elder Junior Livestock, and 4-H/ FFA, and have purchased the tags. Families with registered 4-H and/or FFA members may tag an alternate/family project animal as long as that project is used by immediate family members (brothers or sisters).  

2. Market and Carcass Lambs entered must be pre-tagged.

3. All ewe lambs must be tagged with the herd identification tag for scrapies. Wether lambs do not need the tag unless they are over 18 months of age. 

4. Lambs do not need to be sheared before crossing the scale at the tagging date.  At the weigh-in of the County Fair, lambs are to have no longer than ½ inch of wool.

5. Lamb weights: Market and Carcass Lambs must weigh a minimum of 110 pounds at the weigh-in of the county fair. If the lamb does not meet the minimum weight requirement they will not be allowed to cross the scale a second time. When crossing the scale, lambs are to be dried and without a blanket. Weights are final when animals leave the scale. An exhibitor may weigh in a different project animal at the second weigh-in. Once a lamb has crossed the scale and has been entered into the Market Lamb show, the animal is not allowed to leave the fairgrounds. Anyone seen removing their lambs from the fairgrounds will be immediately disqualified.

BEJL Market Lamb Carcass Contest:

Exhibitors are invited to enter their eligible market lamb in the voluntary ultrasound carcass contest. Carcass data actuals will be measured and calculated. Based on calculated results, the winners will be awarded premium prize money. Extra carcass lambs weighing over 110 pounds are still able to be processed. Exhibitors with extra carcass lambs being processed are responsible for having buyer information prior to crossing the scale. Exhibitors also must make arrangements for the cutting and wrapping of meat. Extra Carcass lambs should be weighed in on Tuesday ( 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m) of the fair week.



  • Open to all FFA and 4-H sheep members who have properly tagged their lamb and registered for showmanship.
  • There will be ten classes in the showmanship: 12th grade, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, and 3rd grade as of January 1 of current year.
  • Classes may be split based on numbers.
  • Showmanship will take place in the indoor arena on Friday starting at 8:00 a.m. Contestants must show their own market animal in the showmanship contest.
  • The top two from each class will compete for the division champion as follows:
    • Senior Division- 12th, 11th and 10th Grade
    • Intermediate Division- 9th, 8th and 7th Grade
    • Junior Division- 6th, 5th and 4th Grade
    • Novice Division- 3rd Grade
    • *Time permitting- an adult open showmanship class will be added.



1. Pee-Wee Lead Open Class: This class is for young exhibitors who want to show and lead a lamb. It will be held Friday at 5:00 p.m. Registration will be at 4:15 p.m. 

2. Requirements:

  • Age 3 through 2nd graders as of January 1 of current year.   
  • Must be able to lead a lamb.
  • Halters are required.
  • Costumes for contestants and lambs are required.

3. Everyone is a winner. A ribbon and $3 premium will be awarded to every entry. A first place trophy will be given and a second place honorable mention. Entries will be judged on:

  • Most Outstanding                             
  • Most Creative
  • Most Original

4. Pee-Wee lambs may not be penned at the fairgrounds unless they are registered market show lambs that are being used.

*For questions please call the Pee-Wee Director,  Jan Dallin at 435-279-7743