Preliminary schedule

Shows and Times are subject to change

2022 livestock schedule Fair Week

8/22/22 Monday

Breeding Sheep 4:00pm

Breeding and Novelty Goats 7:00 pm

Lamb and Goats Weigh-in 8-9:00 pm

8/23/22 Tuesday

Hog weigh-in 6:00 am -9:30 am

Goat weigh-in 9-10:00 am

Lamb weigh-in 10-12:00 pm  

Steer weigh-in 10- 12:00 pm

Bucket Calf weigh-in 12:30-1:30 pm


Market Goat Show 3:00 pm

Hog Showmanship 8:00 pm

8/24/22 Wednesday

Market Lamb Show 8:00 am

Beef Heifer Show 4:00 pm

Goat Showmanship 6:30 pm 

8/25/22 Thursday

Market Hog Show 7:00 am

Market Beef Show 1:00 pm

Bucket Calf Show following Market Beef Show

Dairy Heifer Show following Bucket Calf Show

8/26/22 Friday

Steer Showmanship 8:00 am

Sheep Showmanship 11:00 am

Pee-Wee Lamb Show 5:00pm

8/27/22 Saturday

Auction  8:00 am  Sale Order: Hogs, Sheep, Steers, Goats